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Shipping Container Fumigation Services Melbourne

For the most reliable container fumigation services around, Starway Transport have you covered. Container fumigation involves the chemical treatment of either freighted goods or the container itself, eliminating the threat and spread of both pests and disease from entering or leaving the state or country.

We have the capabilities to fumigate containers and goods of any size. Shipping containers generally come in two sizes;

  • 20ft containers
  • 40ft containers
  • However there are exceptions, including both larger containers up to 45ft and smaller containers down to 10ft.

Container Fumigation Process

There two main ways to go about our container fumigation services.

Pressure Decay involves the pressure testing of the container to ensure it can be classified as ‘Gas Tight’. Once this is established, the container may be fumigated without the use of a tarp to provide the seal for fumigation

Tarped Fumigation is where pressure decay cannot be undertaken, and the container will be covered with a gas proof fumigation tarp and weighted down at all edges to achieve and maintain a gas seal.

With both approaches, we employ the use of either Phosphine or Methyl Bromide fumigants, both of which are government approved for use in the treatment of pests and diseases.

We also offer a specialised mobile fumigation service – we can come to you to fulfil your fumigation requirements! Just ask us about our container fumigation services and we will recommend a customised solution based on your specific needs.

AQIS Fumigation Providers

AQIS Clearances

AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) is a government body whose main objective is to prevent the introduction and spread of pests and disease both into and out of Australia.

AQIS undertakes inspections on certain goods or materials they deem to be a potential quarantine risk, generally upon entry into Australia. By law, importers must advise AQIS of goods entering the country, and AQIS will determine whether they require some form of treatment. If AQIS determines the goods require fumigation or treatment, Starway Vic Transport can help with our container fumigation services. Give us a call today on 0404 032 335.

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