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Flexitank Container Fitouts

If you’re looking for premium Flexitank container fitouts, you can rely on Starway Transport. With a quick half-hour installation, your liquid cargo will be ready to ship In no time.

Flexi Shipping Containers

What is a Flexitank?

Flexitanks are hermetic sealed, collapsible bladders which can used to line a 20’ DV Container to carry bulk liquid cargo. The volume of a flexitank can reach up to 24,000 litres! Flexitanks make it possible to transport just about any type of non-hazardous liquid. This can range from pharmaceuticals to oils, juices to glycerin, latex to food additives. Our flexi shipping containers are the sure choice for anybody looking to transport liquid in bulk.

What are the advantages of using a Flexitank?

Hands down, Flexitanks are the ultimate alternative to tanks and drums. Not only will you significantly reduce transport expenses, but the Flexitank itself is the cargo’s packaging. When you look at the regular cost of drums or metal barrels, you’re saving roughly 30%. On top of this, you’ll spend dramatically less time unloading your cargo and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the Flexitank when you’re done as it’s disposable.

Furthermore, you’ll increase the volume of cargo you can transport with our flexi shipping contailers and you’ll reduce cargo losses whilst unloading (since it’s all coming from one Flexitank instead of multiple drums).

For top Flexitank container fitouts, you can call Starway Transport today on 0404 032 335.